When Life Gives You Baseballs, Chug Your Beer And Get On With It

sports bar

Sports come with tons of traditions, the histories of which can be as vague and random as their practices are ridiculous. They are entertaining, though. Watching a ball game in your downtown sports bar is pretty convenient for not having to deal with the fiasco of sports venues, but live games have an energy that can’t be mimicked elsewhere.

This is true of baseball, of course. With songs, camaraderie, cheeseburgers, sportsmanship, and all the quirky elements of the American pastime in between, it’s great to attend live. At baseball games, children and adults alike are equally amped up over the possibility of catching a game ball from a home run or a foul ball. As something that doesn’t happen in sports bars, baseball mitts, hats, hands, anything in the vicinity are used to catch the ball in the slim chance that it’s coming straight toward you.

It pays to be ready, but it works as well to have incredibly good luck. Gina DiMarco was watching — or pretending to watch — the San Diego Padres play against the Atlanta Braves when Braves batter Ender Inciarte hit a foul ball. Situated in the stands behind the plate, the foul ball landed in her beer. Over 42% of bar industry sales is beer alone, but this type of anomaly accounts for a much slimmer percentage.

“It bounced from behind me, I wasn’t trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup,” she reported.

Out of sheer chance, the ball decided to nestle itself amid the foamy beverage, prompting a splash of liquid and the rest of the crowd cheering. Without taking the ball out of the cup, on national television, she proudly chugged the rest of the beer.

“So many people were cheering, ‘Chug!’ I was like, ‘Absolutely I will chug this beer. Are you kidding me?’ I still have the ball in my cup, and I’m never going to lose it,” she said. Now she’ll have a souvenir along with a lifelong memory, immortalized by social media and a live sports feeling that few ever get to experience.

Good stories like that warm the insides. Next time you can’t make it to a live game, we can’t get you game balls, but we can give you the best burgers restaurants around here have to offer. There’s beer, too, and though yours might not come with a souvenir, it’ll be cold and delicious.

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