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Great Restaurants with a fantastic Bar

Lesser Known, Yet Common Cocktails To Know How To Make, Order, And Enjoy

It’s pretty cool that in the United States, there are more than a million restaurant locations that employ approximately 14.7 million people. In these restaurants, whether you’re looking for a cheap cheeseburger or a downtown sports bar to watch the game, cocktails will always be an encouraged option. The cool part about the bar side of the food and beverage industry is that classic cocktails transcend distance and geographical locations. Where food menus might be drastically different from place to […]

Downtown Orlando Sports Bar with Great Beer Selection

Beer 101: Let’s Talk About Pilsners

It’s not often you find histories behind the beer you’re drinking at your local downtown sports bar. We’re not like other restaurants and bars, so let’s pop into a pilsner and hear about where they came from. During the mid-1800s in a little Czech town called Plzen — or Pilsen, beer had a long-standing history. The trouble with brewing back then was keeping beer unspoiled. They didn’t have the technology and quality regulations we have now, so they’d often see beer […]